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First Things First

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Stupid lifting rules

These are some lifting rules that cramp my grouch glands—that is if they are all still rules.  I don’t always keep up with these things.

The first one on my hate list is that a lifter cannot press out a jerk.  Why not?  This takes the premium off strength and favors technique.   I would be inclined to give the lifter an additional 10 lbs. if he or she could press out a jerk.

The second one is a that a lifter cannot accidentally move a foot during a bench press.  Don’t see how that would help a lift at all.

Third one is uneven extension of the arms during a bench press.  Again, it would just make the lift more difficult.

Fourth is taking a step at the end of a dead lift.    I would say, as long as the lifter doesn’t walk out the door and whack my car, it is ok.

This is all just me, of course.

Pretty much anything will work

Thinking over some of the routines that I have done over the years, I’ve have decided that most anything will bring good results. I’ve used everything from 1 rep, 1 partial rep, 1 isometric rep, and both low and high reps. On neck work for instance, I’ve gotten gains all the way from isometrics, up to 120 reps in one set.

Main things, are to really work at whatever you may be doing and gobble all the necessary nutrients. It helps to believe in what you are doing also–no, not like you believe in God—just believe what you are doing is the right thing and will bring results.

Of course, it takes a lot more to get a physique like Dave Draper, but if you just want to get big and powerful—“pretty much anything will work”.