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Ageless Growth Research and Abstract

Here's the research Tom Incledon did on the Ageless Growth product, presented in October, 2003, to the American College of Nutrition.

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Growth hormone and testosterone decline with age. Ageless Growth has proven to increase these levels in little as 30 minutes after ingestion. Research conducted in January of 2003 by Human Performance Specialists, Inc. indicates that the Ageless Synergy Blend™ found in AgeLess Growth will:

Increase Growth Hormone
(Independent studies showed that GH levels INCREASED by 21.7 times after 30 minutes, 12.6 times after 60 minutes and 7.1 times after 90 minutes after ingesting AgeLess Growth)

Increase Testosterone
(Independent studies showed that testosterone levels INCREASED by 25.6% in as little as 30 minutes from ingesting AgeLess Growth)

Lower Cortisol
(Independent studies showed that unhealthy cortisol levels were LOWERED by 21.6% in 30 minutes, 42.1% in 60 minutes and 43.3% in 90 minutes after ingesting Ageless Growth)

Based on the compelling results of this research, on October 12th, 2003 the AMERICAN COLLEGE OF NUTRITION accepted the abstract on Ageless Growth. No other natural growth hormone product has ever had an abstract published.

THE ACUTE EFFECTS OF A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT ON ENDOCRINE RESPONSES IN RESISTANCE TRAINED MEN. Incledon T. Director of Performance Research and Nutrition, Athletes’ Performance, Tempe, AZ and President, Human Performance Specialists, Inc., Chandler, AZ.

This study investigated the effects of a dietary supplement containing a specific combination of agents on serum growth hormone (GH) and testosterone (T) responses at rest in six resistance-trained men. Subjects were randomly assigned to a placebo (P) or supplement condition (S) and then crossed over to the other treatment condition one week later. During each treatment subjects had an initial blood draw taken, ingested the treatment and then had blood drawn at 30, 60, and 90 minutes post ingestion. Results were analyzed using a multivariate analysis design with follow-up test as appropriate. The results support the notion that a supplement can positively influence acute endocrine markers at rest.

  0 30 60 90
P 953.17
± 340.25
± 388.79
± 356.35
± 365.31
  S 910.83
± 333.78
± 364.80*
± 318.65*
± 390.08*
P 0.08
± 0.06
± 0.04
± 0.04
± 0.04
  S 0.06
± 0.03
1.30 ±
± 1.50*
0.43 ± 0.69*

*Statistically different from placebo