Report of a Missing Newsletter

Laree here....

Some people noticed by Thursday morning two weeks ago, when Dave's newsletter went missing for the first time since his by-pass surgery in 2007. More inquiries appeared late this week after we missed the second newsletter in a row, an event unmatched since we started the weekly newsletter in 1999.

Guess what? It's not even our fault! Our server host updated the server software, which is great since that helps keep us safe from malicious efforts, malware and viruses, but it backfired a little because I was using an old (read: ancient) e-mailing  program that doesn't run with the new set-up.

We're now in a holding pattern between our host tech, who's AMAZING,  and the mailing list software tech who's taking his sweet time implementing the upgrade. Underlying that sentence: If you need a new website host, Hostasaursus is the place to go... and I won't be mentioning the name of the mailing list software company. Although I've used and liked the software for years and will stick with it, now that I actually need something from them...uh... no thanks on the referral.

I put out the reason for the missing newsletter via our forum and on facebook, but we're still getting email asking about it, so I thought I'd post here too. Hopefully we'll be back in action this week!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to help shape the future of the newsletter now that the software has more capabilities, I have a few short poll questions for you, here.



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