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Too weird! I missed one workout and one IronOnline newsletter this spring and I feel like an out-of-shape, irresponsible do-nothing; a bum, a derelict, an aimless scrounge. Well, I might be a little behind in my duties, but my self-image is improving.

I just returned from the gym after a sweet, 35-minute clinkity-clank. No more nasty clunk-kaboom-thuds for this rattletrap. There comes a time when enough is just right, and too much is much too much. A tough 'n tight banter with the iron has great benefit for bombers with decades of lifting under their wings. Gliding gets you there without draining the tanks, and swooping is fun and daring. Zoom.

Consistent dive-bombing, however, warps the fuselage, shreds the struts, tears the ailerons and sends us into a tailspin. I hate tailspins. Dive-bombing is for kids.

I do not want to warp my fuselage; I do not want to exhaust my system; I do not want to stress over a workout. There's joy in the gym: the pump, the burn and the fulfillment of focus, form and motion. No longer shall I fret over sets, reps and tonnage.

Here's my plan: Take the muscle, might and moxie I have gathered and retained over a half century (grasped, grabbed and grubbed with my greedy mitts), and coax them fondly into long-lasting pain-free mini-mounds for my delight and use.

I’ll take an assortment of favorite exercises, pleasurable force, gratifying unfettered time and a healthy junk-free menu mixed thoroughly with plenty of rest, hope and faith. What more can we do? What more can we ask for?

Eventually, we tire out and we wear out. We need to observe ourselves, consider the purpose, calculate our input and output, recognize our capacity, measure wisely and withdraw from the crumbling edge lest we misstep, stumble and fall. Care before contusions, concussions, convulsions, confiscations, constipations and confessions.

The spring is giving way to summer, and the weather on the California Coast is absolutely beautiful. Frivolous me, I shall stray from my swivel chair and computer screen in the month ahead and adore the land and life around me. What the heck!

Seek ye first the kingdom of God!

After a while, crocodile... Dave

APB: Have no fear! Laree is here to provide assurance and a weekly blast from the past till the Gators and Crocs rejoin forces.


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