A Nip in the Air

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There was a nip in the air this week reminiscent of early winter weather. Unpleasant deja vu rippled through my system as I imagined it was November and we faced six full months of descending climatic patterns. A spasm of chemical changes erupted and I lost my drive, enthusiasm, sense of humor and pump. My shoulders slumped and my jaw went slack; I broke out in a cold sweat and I ached all over. I know you’re thinking, ‘But I don’t want to bulk up and wear a hooded sweatshirt.’

This adrenaline-charged distress consumed me for exactly one point five seconds.

Marvelously, the opposite is true; the hopeful and desirable days of fall are ahead of us. I recovered fully within the time it took to stagger, wipe my perspiring brow with the back of my hand and say, “Hey, it’s almost Christmas.”

I lose control when faced with disaster.

The fright caused some hard thinking. Time is precious, bombers, don’t waste it. Grab it, plan it and use it. Now. Don’t let this season pass by without exploiting the unique properties and exciting advantages it presents: still warm weather, quality daylight, a fundamental sense of enthusiasm and joy of living, the natural cycle of rebirth and growth and the matching attitude of being alive and free, creative and expressive. What a bounty of magnificent resources to draw upon!

A popular avenue of fair-weather travel is the downhill slide, which includes celebrations and parties and spectator sports, frolicking, eating, drinking and sleeping, or not sleeping. There are still more ballgames and backyard barbecues to be enjoyed. Fun is a blur. Seasons go by fast and furious. It’s over, they’re toasted, you’re roasted. No plan, Dan.

I don’t know of any sky-riders who slide, do you? An occasional swoop, naturally, but feet-on-the-ground, downhill sloppy-sloping, slipping and sliding? No way. Still, sufficient attention to prudence and planning is highly recommended. You can soar, cruise, glide or nosedive; your choice, but don’t slide, Clyde.

Look, it’s fall and I’m easy, ladies and gentlemen. The plan does not have to be rigid. In fact, flexible is a swell word to describe the training scheme I’m talking about. The important thing is to stop and think:

~ Where are you today?

~ In what direction are you going?

~ Where do you want to go?

~ What is your level of interest?

~ What obstacles are on your calendar?

~ Based on your answers, what’s your simple, supple plan?

Your routine is wisely based on a short self-evaluation, a brief introspection, and an honest conversation with yourself. This time alone is sometimes enough to remind yourself you care, stimulate your training instincts and affections, heighten your innate physical senses and arouse your musclehead logic to performance. Concisely, inspire action.

Fly right, always. And God bless you... Dave Draper


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