Today's Ordinary Humans

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If man could be taught to perform a few tricks, as can dogs and elephants, he wouldn't be such a mess. Sit, stay, roll over... crush small house, uproot tree.

Basic behavior and conditions of the ordinary human being:

~ Is only aware of surroundings that provide personal pleasure, comfort and advancement.

~ Thinks too highly of himself or thinks of himself as abominable.

~ Eats too much sugar and too little protein and, generally, too much.

~ Activity is kept at a bare minimum, as activity requires too much effort.

~ Stress invades every undefended quarter of the average human being.

~ Exercise is virtually non-existent.

~ Rest varies with the personality: worry, fitness and diet affects rest, relaxation and sleep.

There are copious additions, variations and nuances to the behavior patterns listed above, but these are the fundamentals, the essentials that comprise the foundation of man and woman's development. They are the most important conditions and the least attended.

Bomber's Basic Obedience Course:

~ Be more completely aware of your surroundings -- people, places and things.

~ Unless you are a savage, think more highly of yourself.

~ Eat less sugar and more protein, and not too much of anything.

~ Don't avoid mindful daily physical busy-ness -- be active.

~ Mitigate stress wisely, a conscious practice.

~ Exercise vigorously no less than 15 minutes daily, striving for 45 to 60 minutes three times a week. Include planks for stomach muscles, pushing and pulling for arms, shoulders, chest and back, hinging forward at the hips for the lower back and bending at the knees for the legs -- all under resistance. Weight training excels.

~ Rest and sleep sufficiently.

This seven-step program could use a few dozen embellishments, but it serves the recalcitrant masses with something to think about, a place to start.

Why is it that our neighbors are such club heads, even the nice ones who are responsible and charitable, dress nice, smell nice and drive nice cars? They work in the bank or the clinic or the auto dealership, grocery, library and nursery.

You know the answer, I know the answer, everybody knows. It's the computer, the TV, fast food and junk and this and that and so on and so on -- the age of lost responsibility, lost control, lost morality, lost respect.

The word is out. We've been alerted. Warnings are everywhere. Exercise and eat right. It's on the news twice, three times a week. It makes the cover of Time and Newsweek and Hot Cars. Yet nobody listens, and no one is acting on the cautions and signs.

Hello everybody. Nice day, isn't it? We're fat, we're lazy and out of control. And what are your plans this fine morning? Diabetes, heart conditions, high-blood pressure and obesity are skyrocketing. Hop in the ole' buggy, hit the commute and put in a long day's work. Stress is taking its toll on modern societies.

The fearsome facts have not penetrated the shield behind which man lives. The veil covering his countenance allows him to look without seeing and hear without listening. He associates and relates without understanding. He is visible, around and about, yet he hides. A year ago, two and three years ago, I had the temerity to say he's dumb -- he's a dope. Today I say he's dumber and dopier and God bless him. He's slipped backward rather than stepped forward despite clear warnings.

The point is no one is listening to the good word but the choir. God bless you, but what about the lost sheep, overstuffed and great in number, roaming the vast pasturelands? Will it take another ten years at a heavy cost to gain their attention?

When you work hard, vigorously and under intense pressure, you get the job done, well and right, but have little time to assess, scrutinize and reflect.

Relax, Bombers. Stop and smell the wild flowers before they whither and the lush green fields turn brown, grow dry.

Push that iron and go with God... DD


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