The Old, The New

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2016, another year confirms the time-honored observation: No matter how bad we feel, how bad it gets, after going to the gym we always feel better. On crutches, in a cast, head aching, nose bleeding, discouraged, near defeat, without a plan, stubborn, angry or broken-hearted, the gym nurtures, restores and repairs.

The gym separates joy from the gloom, causing it to rise to the surface; it soothes the pain and eliminates the source; it challenges, energizes and heals the mind.

The gym never fails.

We're in the afterglow of Christmas, that soft period between December 25th and the New Year. As if suspended by strings, we dangle just above ground unable or unwilling to make traction and dash off in any particular direction. Why bother, is the thought, our energy and resources having been spent in preparation for and celebration of the season; let the rest of '16 (work and play and workouts) simply happen.

We have, thank God, survived thus far.

New Years is always a smile. At home in welcome calm or at a raucous party with the gang, we manage to appreciate the passage of time. There were some good days, weren't there? And the bad, well, they were meant to be. We live and learn, we hurt, we fail and we grow. Put it behind us, good riddance, cheers and all that, the New Year is ahead.

Encouraged, we literally press on, the iron in hand. Absent weight training, 2016 would have been less than it was; we would be less than we are and the world would be less than it is. In 2017 it's our joy and our duty to do it again.

We're in for the long haul, the good fight, which has been our subtle yet intentional focus: confront aging and deal with it openly without burden or gloom. Most bombers are in the 40+ range and side by side we'll clear through the tangle and forge suitable pathways to hike.

Gotta keep the attitude and spirits high, push onward with strength and wisdom and not endanger our health -- a tough nut to crack for a bunch of cracked nuts.

Yet we'll not overwork the subject, envious and aware that not everyone has reached the steepened slopes, 40 out of 100, bless them, still navigating the foothills. Though we are not kids, we are kids at heart. Besides, who cares about spiders and worms, boogey men and aging anyway?

It won't be long now. The gym doors will be closing, the lights going out, the floor almost empty and another workout comes to an end -- one more set, a few more reps and the final pump of the year.

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow... well... who knows?

Let me guess: To be more specific, eat plenty of protein, drink every last drop of your Bomber Blend and be merry, having completed yet another year of outrageous blasting sessions, for tomorrow is a day of rejoicing -- tissue recovery and muscle growth. The beat goes on in 2017.

Sky high, bombers... God loves you... Dave


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