Don't Makes Waves

Hollywood's Greatest Muscle Movie
By Gene Mozee
Muscular Development, December 1967

Dave Draper and Tony Curtis

Muscle men are becoming more and more sought after for TV and movie work. Three well known bodybuilders, Dave Draper, Chet Yorton and Reg Lewis have important roles in Hollywood's latest muscle flick, "Don't Make Waves."

The new MGM-Filmways production has Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale as the top featured performers with Sharon Tate and Dave Draper in the co-starring roles. The $4,000,000 film is based on Ira Wallach's novel, "Muscle Beach." The movie can be described as a "sex and flex" gala spectacular featuring blondes, bikinis and bulging biceps.

The big surprise of the movie to Tony Curtis, Claudia Cardinale and the other pros in the cast of Martin Ransohoff's comedy was the big blond giant, Dave Draper. Dave plays the part of Harry, winning the role from forty-two others who were tested for the part. The film brass at Filmways were so pleased with the terrific job Dave did in the movie that they signed him to an exclusive long-term contract, and have high hopes for his future as an actor. The publicity chief for Filmways Productions, Fred Baum, said, "Dave did such a great job he surprised everyone. In fact, he just might steal the picture." One of the cast, beautiful Joanna Barnes commented, "Honestly, he's so appealing in the picture you want to hug him."

Claudia Cardinale and Dave Draper

"Don't Make Waves" is not Dave's first movie. He appeared in three others, but in very minor roles. This is an important step for Dave who has been studying drama for the past two years with Peyton Price, Hollywood's finest dramatic coach. The executives at Filmways feel that Dave is definitely on his way to becoming a successful film actor, except for one thing: top roles for lads with 20" arms and a 53" chest seldom get written if you discount the "Hercules" genre. He's really not the type for the gladiator roles. He's too boyish looking. In spite of the "handicap" (which I'm sure most bodybuilders wish they had", the Filmways staff is enthusiastic about his future.

With Draper in the cast of "Don't Make Waves" are other musclemen Chester Yorton (Mr. Universe 1966) and Reg Lewis. Yorton plays the role of Ted Gunder, husband of the beautiful and talented Ann Elder. Reg Lewis looks like the original "tattoo man" in the part of "The Monster." Lewis made several movies in Europe before landing a role in this film, including: "Son of Hercules," "Taur, King of Force," "Gladiatricic," and "Ursus and the Beast."

The whole cast and production crew were very favorably impressed with the fine conduct and cooperation of Draper, Yorton and Lewis and the other bodybuilders who appeared in the movie.

As is Hollywood's custom, the film pokes a little fun at the muscle world, but on the whole, the movie is quite entertaining and I am sure bodybuilders throughout the world will enjoy seeing it.

Co-starring as Draper's girlfriend is the very lovely Sharon Tate, one of the most beautiful girls these eyes have ever seen!

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