Dave Draper
Bodybuilding Covershots

If you grew up looking at the muscle magazines of the '60s and '70s, you're in for a trip down memory lane. We've collected more than 20 well-preserved physique magazines featuring Dave on the cover — maybe one or two will get your heart pounding with an enthusiasm for training you remember from years gone by!

(Some more embarrassing than others)

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Muscle cover Dave Draper
July 1973

Magazine Cover Dave Draper
November 1967

Magazine cover Dave Draper
December 1963
Mr. America cover shot of Dave Draper. and Betty Weider
May 1969
Mr. America cover shot of Dave Draper, Bigger Arms for You.
November 1966

Young Mr. America cover shot of Dave Draper as David the Gladiator.
December 1964

Mr. America Athlete cover shot of Dave Draper.
July 1967

Muscle Builder cover shot of a young Dave Draper.
November 1967
Magazine cover shot - Dave Draper
August 1965
Muscle Builder January 1970 cover shot of Dave Draper.
January 1970
Dave Draper, Mr. Universe.
April 1966
Dave Draper, Mr. World.
June 1969
Dave Draper, Muscle Beach.
April 1970
Dave Draper, Mr. America.
January 1965

Dave Draper, Mr. New Jersey.
October 1967

Mr. America Dave Draper.
September 1971
Mr. America Dave Draper.
August 1965
Dave Draper and Betty Weider.
March 1970
Health and Strength with Dave Draper
January 1971
Muscle Builder Power & Dave Draper
September 1968

Mr. America Dave Draper
October 1966

Peak Magazine
Volume 1 Number 9

Mr. Universe Dave Draper
September 1964

Mr. America Dave Draper
August 1968

Dave was also featured on these covers.


Muscle Builder, September 1969  Muscle Builder, November 1969



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