Vacant Warehouse for Rent

All the Draper cover shots from the World Gym/Weight Room
walls were sold at auction yesterday.

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By the time you receive this newsletter the ever-loving ironhead gym in the corner of Harvey West Park will be… well… gone. Piece by piece, one piece at a time, each and every piece was sold to the highest bidder by 3:30 PM yesterday. The gym will eventually be scattered from NYC to Hawaii. Yup, some guy from the tropical island state purchased a Smith press and wants it there asarpf, as soon as reasonably possible, fool.
We love the gym… We miss the gym… It was the very best gym. Ask Frank Z; ask Arnold S; ask Tom P; Zabo knows; Joe Gold knows; the Shadow knows.

“But, then,” you ask incredulously, “why is it gone with the wind, Bombo?”

It’s the location, stupid, as they say in politics: Isolated in an industrial park on the far side of town beyond the dreaded junctions and intersections and convergences of Route 1 and Highways 17 and 9 and Mission Street, and around the corner from a swarming Costco monstrosity and next door to the congested Metro Bus complex. Getting there required passion, perfect timing, preparedness, courage, particular driving skills… horseback, a scooter or a helicopter and repelling gear.

When we planned the gym in ’89, there was no space, no place to rent. Presently, prime places pop up prolifically like pigeon poop at park picnics. Puleezz…

Speaking of pigeons, they taste like chickens and have the same protein value. Protein builds muscle. Later in this week’s power-packed newsletter I offer secret tips on how to develop hunky shoulders. And you thought I ran outta muscle stuff to write about, didn’t you? Yeah, ya did.

I talked to Leroy on the phone this weekend. Whaddya mean, Leroy who? Leroy Colbert, champion bodybuilder from the ’50s, the first man on the planet with 20-and-a-quarter-inch biceps. Is there another Leroy? We’ve been buds since we met at the Weider Barbell Co on Main Street in Union City, New Jersey. Let’s see, that would be 55 years ago. I was 15. I purchased a pair of 20-pound plates and a six-foot bar. He handed them to me like they were two Frisbees and a broom stick.

Thanks, Leroy.

I had to carry them four city blocks and take two buses to transport them to my home in Secaucus. Not as e z as it looks. “What do you have there, Son? Looks like two Frisbees and a broomstick.”

Thanks, Ma.

Anyway, Leroy owns and operates Total Nutrition, a health food store on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, California. We call each other every month or so to exchange views on building huge biceps, getting rich and living peacefully in a world gone mad. Dumbbell curls, collecting coupons and staying home after dark are among our favorite topics.

Mister Colbert talks on YouTube a lot… over 60 videos of he and his Hollywood friends discussing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Google da man.

Lee’s 80 and looks forward to retirement. I’m 70 and wish I had a job. Muscleheads are confused and confusing. I tried to talk him into buying a nifty keen bodybuilding gym, but he wasn’t interested… free delivery… not interested… free instruction… not interested… I’ll work weekends… not interested.

On our lunch hour half a century ago, Leroy and I did seated dumbbell alternate curls and one-arm triceps extension supersets. The man taught me rhythm, cadence and fluidity in motion. I think it’s a black thing. Oh, no… I’m in big trouble now. Too late… maybe nobody will notice.

I know what to do. I’ll change the subject. Hey, look… there goes a squirrel…

Remember, don’t forget nor let not your mind dismiss: Gyms come and go, kids, but dumbbells are here for good.

Hurry… Act now… World Gym Santa Cruz Two-for-one Lifetime Memberships on sale till the end of the week. What are you waiting for?

Bomber Blend and Ageless Growth works wonders for mature muscle men and average, everyday gorillas… jus’ sayin’…

God Bless America… The Bomb

Seriously. Have you ever met a mature male bodybuilder?  Can you say oxymoron?


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