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How do I get Started in Bodybuilding?

Arnold squatting, Dave looking on.

A young gal writes, "I would really like to start bodybuilding — lower my bodyfat and create a defined, cut body". Hello. Does this ring a bell? Her question specifically seeks menu planning; what to eat, how much, how to combine foods, books on the subject, etc.

Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the world of bodybuilding. It's a good journey. I offer advice and encouragement to keep you involved and fulfilled. Here's a list that speaks to the tone of your note. Allow me.

1. Let "bodybuilding", shape and cuts be your early motivators, but don't limit your purpose to those alone - there are more, many more. Though worthy, they are too long-term and you want and need to enjoy satisfaction on a regular basis. Look for treasures along the way and set some short term goals to cheer you on. Too rigid a menu plan fit for contest preparation will hinder your progress and turn you off. Be careful, stay happy. Memorize my profound one liner; "Stick to the basics."

2. Review the Six Keys to Bodybuilding and the General Nutrition pages, plus weight gain and weight loss pages for overall insight into your request.

3. You're in this for the long haul. Today time is your friend, not your enemy. Be supple, be confident, relax. Learn through your own experience, observe, ask questions, and read. Remember, most of what you read in the mags is filler to surround the outrageous pictures that bring us hysterical advertisements for stuff we don't need to do, what we could never do - fast, quickly, now.

4. I'll be adding menu pages and further food planning and dietary pages as we go along. My advice is always keep it simple. Good girl - you remember. High protein, 4-5 meals of protein, carbs and low fat spaced through the day. Pre and post workout fueling otherwise known as protein shakes...

5. Count your blessings regularly - your note clearly show you have many:

Stay on, girl.




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