Bodybuilding and Weight Training Online Q&A

Time has gotten scarce lately and the email box overwhelming. We've gathered together a group of muscleheads in our IronOnline Discussion forum to share information in a question and answer format via an online bulletin board system where Dave and other experts answer questions for the group. From time to time we select Dave's answers for publication here. If you have questions or would like input and motivation from a group of iron lovers, click below for sign up instructions.

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Sounds like another pal noticing his aging joints, here's Dan asking how to handle the injury and recovery.

Marian wants to know: Dave, what do you think about those abdominal balance balls?

Aaron G, slow on recovery, asks Dave's opinion about a new workout scheme

Mike wants to know How did you get started in bodybuilding?

Jerry S. requests more info on bench pressing with the Smith Press machine

Adam's back, checking on pullover pain

Dan M. writes in to our discussion group asking about the quality of protein powders

Pullovers for lats or chest work, asks Adam K, via the email discussion group

Both Gary and Scream (and a whole lot more of you, I'll bet) are focused on their biceps progress

While we're on arm training, let's talk with Eddie W. and Les B. about biceps injuries

Back to abs with Denny's question, "Should I wait until I lose fat before beginning an ab routine?"

Eddie W. has persistent pain across the forearm and elbow...

WMC is 15 years old, 6' and 10 stone (140 lbs). He wants to gains 20 pounds of muscle in 3 months - Joey B, you tune in, too

Jugesh D. asks the classic "How do I get lean and muscular?"

Travis D. wants ABS, Todd Y. wants to get rid of love handles

Jim P. is looking for upper pec development at 53.

Richard O. - "Is it possible at 45 to make respectable gains in size and strength after a long layoff?"

Jeff G. asks "How's your training these days?"

Lionel H. wants to "Get big quickly"

Tim asks "How do I build up my chest?"

Jim L questions "Can I gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?"

Gerry T needs long-term "Perseverance"

May we answer any questions for you in our forum?

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