Stand and Be Strong

A day late but a day full of hope.

What have you accomplished over the past 365 days?

There is another point of reference in addition to the first of the calendar year; it is 9-11, the day of celebration for the wicked, a day of awakening for the unenlightened, a day of waiting for the righteous and wise and a day of unquenchable mourning for the torn, broken-hearted.

No man or his country is perfect and the injured nation of America is running neck and neck with others for first and last place. Yet, despite her sometime arrogant, aggressive and deceptive manners, it is hard to find a people more generous, compassionate and honorable, creative, industrious and spirited; and, might I add, powerful, yet vulnerable as a child, brilliant, yet dim as flickering candles and cutting-edge, yet dull as a butter knife. America is beautiful.

I promise not to torment you like dripping water in the night, bombers, but allow me a single paragraph to hiss and spew -- a rusty faucet that’s lost its washers. We mustn’t be weak in a porous world where devilish creatures lurk. A depraved bunch, they love death more than life and are dedicated to our ruin. The enemy is heartless, lawless and illusive; the enemy is dead wrong, and wrong, like scorching fire under cool, clear water, has a short life. Good outweighs, out-rules and outlives the bad and the ugly, the evil and wrong.

Stand and be strong.

“Try to be better every day in some small way, sweethearts,” says dear, old granny to her little ones, as they struggle with their shoelaces before going out to play. “God loves you” (circa, 1950). Now, there’s some sage old advice and reassurance we could do no worse to restore.

You want to fight the good fight, proud people of a proud country? Strengthen yourself every day in some small way. Take good care of yourself in daily practical habits. Strengthen your back, lose the fat, build some muscle, rebuild your energy and endurance, eat wholesome food and get rid of the junk that slows you down and gets in your way. A healthy homeland thrives on support, affection and love. Encourage those around you and you encourage yourself. Need I remind you that regular encouragement develops tight buns or big guns… your choice? Strive to be patient, watch your mood and temper and practice restraint. Stop complaining, fix what’s broken and don’t procrastinate. Haven’t you heard? Negative thoughts and acts cause wrinkles, constipation, sagging body parts and impotence.

Do this: Take a day or an hour off, get quiet, look around and see where you are. Who knows where we are these days, or who for that matter? The daily forces -- the clamor and the frivolities and the escapes, the consuming responsibilities, the mind-numbing obligations and the cold unfairness -- prevent and deny personal knowledge and self-understanding. Stretch out and cut loose. Eat whole, living foods, lots of protein and throw out the rest of the soda pop and hotdogs; watch fewer sitcoms and read to your kids, hug them often and tell them you love them.

Swift and stealthy ace, do you know the primary ways to achieve the powerful and unique qualities of internal and external strength that protect us -- all of us -- in the worst of times and gladden us in the best?

Of course you do.

1) Train hard
2) Eat right
3) Be thankful

Daily, by habit and wise choice, we renew the body with splendid food and activity and graciousness. We persist in our steady practice of the precepts to which we are bound and let the dazzling glow we radiate light the path of those less driven. We endure, we shine, we inspire… yeah, yeah… whatever.

Go to the gym and train with renewed focus and intensity, appreciation and joy.

A strong workout gathers and eliminates the obvious and concealed stress we hold, not as a weapon of mass destruction consumes and destroys, but as the dawn of a beautiful morning eliminates darkness and the cold of night. Hard training performed consistently prevents deterioration of the sensibilities and thwarts the intrusion of hostility. Moreover, simple training develops the senses and promotes peace and order. Chaos is moderated and daily chaos we know confounds purpose, diffuses focus, exhausts energy, undermines motivation and confuses intelligence.

Consistent exercise -- training as a lifestyle -- pumps up the will to overcome and toughens the refusal to be overcome. Of course, muscle and might grow alongside prowess and self-control. Well-earned confidence appears like the wildflower in a barren field -- defining tones and mannerisms, instinctive reactions and smart responses, clear self-direction and appreciation; the unconscious knowledge of who you are is sudden, revealing itself when you least expect and most need it.

Humility is no lost attribute. Be thankful always.

We tend to dwell on that which we lack and take for granted the riches we have in abundance. It takes about 60 seconds to make a list of 20 things for which to be extraordinarily pleased. It’s my faith to thank God Almighty, while some folks thank their lucky stars or good fortune. Being grateful is cheerful, bright, melodious, light-footed and humbling. A thankful spirit is contagious. It’s a comforting reminder of the good you have, of the good there is and the hope of goodness in the world tomorrow. This is a relief from the destructive summarizing and ponderings of the darkness that obstructs the light in our hearts and souls and minds.

So, bombers, train hard, eat right and be thankful. And if anybody holds a bomb in his hands and threatens to blow up your family, kick him in the teeth and take the bomb away before he knows what hit him.

Call 911 if needed…



No fussing this eleventh of September. Today, let’s do hanging leg-raises and squats and deadlifts and close-grip bench presses… I call it the Ugly Buster.


Crunches and chins and dips and pushups… known in the inner circles as the Freedom Workout

4 or 5 sets of your favorite rep sequence, big on sincerity in application and spirit and thanks.

Intensify, bombers.

Pray for good…

God’s Care… Dave

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