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Arm Priority Training for Big Biceps and Triceps

Standing bent bar curl, superset with
lying tricep extensions
(3-4 sets X 8-12 reps)

Hammer curl, superset with
overhead tricep extensions (3-4 X 10-12)

Wrist curl (3X12), superset with
thumbs up curl (3X8-12), superset with pulley pushdown (3X12-15)

Here you have in simple language the three most effective, most enjoyable and most reliable arm combos I've ever used. They go back to the Fifties and will go on and on as long as the grass grows. Sorry they're not more startling, but the truth when recognized seldom is. "Old Fashioned" exercise combinations are, in fact, today's cutting edge - but only when sharpened and tempered with persistence, patience, confidence and desire. And remember, time is our companion, not our enemy and deserves, more rather demands, our respect.

Choose any 1, 2 or all 3 combos — two times a week, depending on your goals, potential, time allowance, ability to recover and resistance to burnout. Continue your training with commitment for at least 6 weeks. This will give you time to develop pace, form, strength and understanding. Make slow and thoughtful set, rep and weight changes, dutifully logging each workout for best results.

Serve yourself a good portion of easily assimilated protein and complex carbs (Bomber Blend drinks are terrific), 15-30 minutes prior to your training and again 30-90 minutes after to maintain energy, tissue repair and attitude. Remember, pay close attention to the details of your movements, focusing on all the muscle groups involved. You'll be amazed at how 1 or 2 of these combos when performed with diligence and intensity will work the entire upper body.

In curling, we bring the weight forward and up, putting a counter balance demand on our torso, requiring hard work from our thighs, glutes, erectors, traps, upper back, pec minor and deltoids....a lot of blood flow, heart demand and maximum pump are additional benefits enjoyed by this action. Lats are brought in when doing our tricep extensions, and other muscle groups less specifically, if we wish to recruit them with full range of motion and muscle extension and contraction.

Arm priority training fortified with squats, deadlifts and a Hammer chest press/Hi Lat superset will set you in motion. Be bold - persist — let your workout intensity build momentum with this unorthodox training approach and you'll grow.

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