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Laree here... hello. In the categories below, "best" in my web-lingo refers to content filled. The list got long—took too long to download, so I separated the pages. We're moving our links pages to our link exchange in the forum; for the newest links, visit our forum, here.








Weightlifter's Warehouse - Owned by one of my favorite guys in the biz, Bill Ennis, I'm confident you can count on WWarehouse for your powerlifting and weight training tools.

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David Gentle - One of the top two or three physical culture historians (I have no idea how one would select the "top" guy), David writes articles for the muscle magazines and books that preserve our history. His most famous articles are provided here, as well as a vintage muscle forum for your on-going pleasure.

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The Tempus Clinic - Here you'll find our favorite doc, hard at work designing medical diagnostics, exams and lab tests, individualized to determine the precise health of the client at a specific point in time—and prescribing a food and exercise plan to plot an upward point a year later. What his team is doing is amazing, but until it's available near you, you can still hitchhike a lift off his monthly newsletter.

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Tom Incledon - Tom's my favorite and most trusted research guy in the whole world. And that I only know one has nothing to do with it, either. Smart, generous with his information and s.t.r.o.n.g, Tom's the place to go when you need supplement or science that you can trust, no questions.

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Randy Strossen's IronMind - IronMind is the publisher of many of your favorite books (Super Squats and John McCallum's Keys to Progress for starters), and the publisher of the quarterly strength magazine, Milo. You can subscribe to Milo on his site, or you can gaze upon the Buffalo Bar or the Apollon's Axle while you consider your book purchases.

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Dennis Weis - Dennis, author of Mass, Raw Muscle, Anabolic Muscle Mass and writer of who-knows-how-many muscle-mag articles, is a powerlifting bodybuilder slash historian who knows all the scoop. You'll enjoy his monthly reports.

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Super Strength Books - For decades Bill Hinbern has been known as the collector's source of old-time training classics. Now he's online and the rest of us can get in on the secret source. Jowett and Calvert and Rader, these are just a few of the writers you'll find at Bill's site. He's been around forever and you can trust him with your hard-earned dough.

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IronAge - Shawn Perine's the website publisher over at IronAge; he's created a top-notch bodybuilding glory days site. Most people enjoy a bit of nostalgia—even old yellow formica tables and sticky, plastic-covered chairs are popular after all—but muscleheads, we're the worst when it comes to Golden Era Bodybuilding, and Shawn's IronAge is better n' homemade popcorn balls the day before Halloween. Plan to spend your next rainy Saturday afternoon here.

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Weightlifting Discussion Board - A growing community started by Gabrielle Bove, Roger Broeg and Rickey Dale Crain, this is a bulletin board system set up for training discussions. They've been at it for most of a couple years and have collected a nice bunch of book reviews, articles, workouts and sterling message archives. Hang out for a bit and get to know some of the gang.

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History of Mr. Olympia - Our resident bodybuilding historian (Henrik, the House of Denmark) found this one. History, photo gallery and links to most of the bodybuilding pros online.

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