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FLASH: Arnold is Running for Governor of California
August 18, 2003

Have you ever in all your life seen so much attention toward one person and one event? Arnold and the California recall are the eye of a nationwide hurricane and the colossal energy, bombers, is whirling across our skies. An AP writer, the SF Chronicle and Inside Edition have discovered my secluded whereabouts amid the redwood forests of the Pacific-Northwest and have sought my thoughts on Arnold’s credibility. Are they digging in the rough or what? I just got off the phone with ABC. More probing. Tomorrow morning the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the hometown newspaper, wants a word or two.

I’m exhausted trying to think of intelligent things to say. No one showed much interest in Arnie’s favorite pre-contest killer arm routine or his menu for gaining muscle mass in the off-season. The interviewers asked about his strategy. Yeah, right. Like I’m gonna tell ‘em. I hesitated at first, not wanting to reveal any cards the man holds close to his vest. They could see my apprehension and pressed on aggressively. I figure he’s going to win anyway, so I told them about his secret carbo-loading methods and the jars of dill pickles he eats the last days before competing and the light-weight, high-rep backstage pumping routine he performs in his favorite torn Jockey shorts, as he repeats the mantra, “I’m going to pump you up” loudly in German. All they said was, “Really.”

Tuesday I was in LA by request of the folks producing Inside Edition. They interviewed me as I leaned on a rack of barbells at Joe Gold’s World Gym in Marina Del Rey. I had hoped for a polished mahogany conference table with state officials gathered around me in suits to match the one I had purchased at K-Mart the night before especially for the occasion. The bearded, long-haired 20-year-old director in cutoff jeans said the sweaty T-shirt I was wearing was fine, “Let’s roll.” I said, “I could use a glass of water, my mouth is all gummy.” He said, “We’re rolling.”

I haven’t seen the end product but you can see the gummy interview with me on Inside Edition later this week. Chances are I’ll look blotchy and slightly desperate as I answer mindless questions built for Lego toy collectors. 30 minutes of film for three seconds of airtime. Swell.

By the way; I haven’t spoken to anyone who didn’t support the guy. Simply amazing.

Enough politics. Here are a few answers to a few questions from the friendly skies of IronOnline. Zoom. Zoom.



I lift hard and party hard with my friends. What I mean by that is I lift 5-6 times a week hard, but I drink heavily 1-3 times a week as well. I know it can’t be good for my training, as you said one of the things you most regret is drinking alcohol when you were younger. However, I do like to hit the bottle. I would like to know some of the effects of drinking and weightlifting, how it hurts me and what it actually does to my body. Or if there are any special alcohol drinks that may be better than vodka or beer for me. Any information or personal experiences you have on this would be greatly appreciated Dave.


I’m not a doctor who can tell you in detail the degenerative affects of excessive alcohol in the bloodstream from over-consumption; I hope it’s sufficient to say that alcohol, a basic ingredient in appropriate minuscule amounts, is basically poisonous when disproportionately present. It is generally toxic to the entire system, exhausting its antioxidants, attacking the stores of B vitamins, straining the immune system and overworking the kidneys, liver and other organs and glands on down the line. Staying healthy is impossible, though muscle and strength will strive to improve for a limited period in spite of the mistreatment. The monstrous damage is done beneath the skin amid the organs and their vital functions. This is to say nothing of the damage it does to the brain and central nervous system, the mental processes and the emotions. Dependency to a greater or lesser degree is certain.

Youth is wasted, manhood destroyed and a long and successful future is compromised. Few are successful at forewarning or convincing another person of the damage or potential strife of excessive drinking. Seems one must discover the problems on one’s own, sooner or later, and fix them if it’s not too late and if he or she can.

Consider cutting back as you grow older and wiser, and as you envision the joy of carrying a strong and muscular body, the fulfillment of training, the inspiration of a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. In every way eat right and exercise and rest, take high dosages of B-complex, C and E and other antioxidants and drink a lot more water. Fortify yourself. You may outgrow one of the nation’s pitiful shames. The longer you indulge, the more difficult it will be to stop and the less likely you will.

Alcohol made me dumb.

Pray about it and thank God for the iron and the will to lift it... Dave


At 51 years old, I am in recovery from anorexia, a lifelong disorder. I am also a runner and I am working out with free weights. Since I still don't eat as well as I should, I would like to know how this affects my developing muscles. I’m 5'4" and approximately 118 pounds.

Can you give me any suggestions on how to begin to add healthy foods to my diet, while trying not to gain fat weight? I tend to save most of my food for nighttime. I eat soy bars and soy protein powder. Dinner usually consists of chicken and if I eat an egg white during the day I’m pretty lucky.

Although this may not sound like recovery, my lowest weight was 55 pounds and I usually hovered around 70-85. I was quite emaciated. I am sure there must be others like me out there. I would so appreciate some help with this.

Thanks. Yours in strength, Miss Slightly


Hi Miss Slightly,

You have both a frightening and inspiring story to tell. 60-70 pounds at 5' 4'' is inconceivable; 118 is enviable.

Your current guesstimate is thrilling and you could add five pounds of muscle if you wanted by slowly increasing your food intake throughout the day.

1) Be sure to eat breakfast. A protein shake is a favorite solution for you as a busy, light eater to begin the day, assuring you of energy and muscle-building ingredients from the starting block. Without early feeding your body will seek its own precious muscle as fuel. You’re in control; this is not smart or necessary. I'd add a top quality vitamin and mineral for system efficiency as well.

2) Recognize the fact that you must eat throughout the day for your health and vitality and muscle repair, and prepare yourself for additional feedings at the most desirable or doable times; that is, when you are willing and able or when feeding is most efficient. Courage and good sense must become your companions. Discipline is the jewel you'll add to your treasure as you seek healthy muscle and strength.

3) Add essential fatty acids (EFAs) to your diet for heart and vascular health, cellular quality, joint function and energy. Add fish to your diet for muscle-building protein and the valuable oils they contain.

4) No junk and sugar, of course, but gain your carbs from life-giving salads and other fresh vegetables, particularly of the cruciferous variety, for vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients and roughage.

5) Adding a top quality whey protein powder to your menu will enhance your health and wellbeing and contribute to your efforts to gain solid body weight. This single ingredient mixed in juice, milk or water can become quick, enjoyable, fulfilling, easy-to-prepare, easy-to-consume mini-meals throughout the day. I highly recommend whey over soy for efficiency and absorbability and health. Bomber Blend is a supreme choice.

6) If eating red meat is not off the charts, consider including steak throughout your weekly menu. Red meat is the best solid weight and strength builder in the opinion of most strength athletes.

7) Working with free weights is part of the prescription for gaining high-performance muscle mass, bone density, hormonal balance and improved metabolism. It will serve you well in your sports and recreation and add to your vitally functioning, happy and independent years.

The barbells and dumbbells are fun and training is fulfilling. See the website for tips, hints and motivation and routines that are enjoyable and profitable for you.

8) Great muscle-building snacks or meals: cottage cheese and tuna, cottage cheese and favorite fruit, yogurt and nuts, cream and premium raw fertile eggs ala Rocky, Bomber Blend protein shakes with peanut butter, sardines or canned tuna and water.

9) As a runner, more carbs should be consumed to accommodate long arduous runs. As a 51-year-old muscle builder with weight-gaining goals, I'd do enough running for the heart and lungs and save the rest of you for the wonders of weight training.

Hope this helps. God's speed... Dave


I’m sure you don’t remember me but we met a long time ago at a Phoenix powerlifting championship. Well, the reason I’m writing is I am a world champion powerlifter and I have a 13-year-old boy and I don’t know if he is eating the right protein. I come from the old school of egg protein and new to this whey stuff. I retired after the 1990 Worlds and I’m kind of out of the loop with protein and vitamins. I thought you might know something to help my son. He is about two years behind in physical growth according to doctors; his bones they say are too far apart. He is extremely strong for his age 13 and weight 90 lbs. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


It'll make all the difference in the world if you can get your guy to eat five or six meals regularly from breakfast to a pre-bedtime snack of high protein. Start by adding one extra meal to his regular eating schedule, a breakfast or pre-bedtime meal. Consider protein from meat, fish, poultry and eggs and dairy products, plus carbs from fresh vegetables (especially cruciferous vegetables) and fruit, the added fat from an essential fatty acid supplement and vitamins and minerals from a high quality source.

Keep him away from sugar and junk food. Killer! This diet is for you and all your loved ones. Whey and milk protein are great in a shake with milk, a banana and ice as one or two of those daily meals I’ve recommend (breakfast or pre-workout or bedtime meal).

Don't encourage heavy weight training on bench or any particular movement at this stage of his life, as it will likely provoke damage to joints and discouragement to the spirits. Give him tough training with intensity and form to enhance his structure and his understanding of smart training.

I have a protein, Bomber Blend, that can't be beat for taste, absorbability, quality of ingredients, price and popularity for general energy and tissue repair. Our vitamins and minerals, Super Spectrim, are the best in my opinion. Not a sales pitch... for the record and your information. See our online store.

The old school is the good school. There are good routines listed on the for building the young ever-ready body or check out Brother Iron Sister Steel at your library, local book store or online. Full of tips, hints and motivation for all ages... kids and their dads. Dave


Have a quick question for you regarding your opinion on cardio and weights.
Some coaches seem to nay-say doing cardio after swinging the iron around.

Their collective reasoning is you miss some 30-minute window for anabolism etc, and that I should go home and drink my Bomber Blend, eat some food, be nice to the missus, etc. What do you think, Dave? Do you have any opinion on weights/cardio as a package deal?


I admit frequently that I don't spend a lot of time in dedicated cardio activity. During the years when training with Arnold, Zane and Columbo, no one did any aerobic training, period. I achieve my heart and lung activity through the tough training on the floor with the weights and save the aerobic for getting in particularly good, lean shape or when injured, slightly sick or backing off intentionally. In brief, aerobic exercise is on hold -- on the sidelines -- always.

Squatting, deadlifting, supersetting and continual forward motion and intensity in my training provide plenty of lung and heart work. I save my time, energy and spirits for the iron.

As cardio is part of your training scheme (meets your needs and goals, good), do it first to warm up and rev up only. Save intense and lengthy aerobic training for alternate days or a second workout later in the same day (advanced training technique). Logic tells me that specific aerobic activity upon completion of a workout intrudes upon muscle recuperation and repair. I agree with the coaches. Feed yourself after your hard iron work and slow down.

Good to hear from you... carry on. DD

Welcome to the conclusion of this week’s newsletter. You are a true bomber. You persevered. Apply such discipline and dedication to your training and your goals will be surely realized.

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