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I'm tripping over my feet as I proceed to assemble material for a book. Interesting. I just noted by the phrasing of my introductory sentence that I have not yet taken possession of the project. I don't refer to material as my material or the book as my book; too presumptuous, egotistical and probably bad luck. Though, a smarter, more professional person would be quick to underline that such reference is an indication of confidence, intelligence, and faithfulness.

Well, then, let him write the book if he's so dern smart. Everybody's gotta stick in their own two cents. Oops... getting touchy. Back off, Draper. Don't want the real bomber to upstage the imagined one and thus shred some loose pages of bodybuilding trivia. Me make joke of meself; only realistic recourse after too much thinking. Although, on second thought, there's always squats and possibly deadlifts... er... let's see if the sense of humor doesn't hold out... just a little bit longer.

Laree gave the computer a few commands and it spit out 220 pages; a collection of articles, commentaries, training outlines, tips and hints I've written over recent years, most of which you've seen if you've spent time on the 450 pages of Skillful slicing with a hatchet and we trimmed it down to 180 pages of text and a pile of unedited photos. The plan is to organize what is there, give it some continuity, edit further, montage, add pics, segue and more pics, fill in the gaps and missing history and try, try, try to present a story that moves across a familiar time line, offering guide posts, background, warnings, spirit, some black n' white, some color… you add the sound effects. An awesome undertaking for a tortoise and a hare; an undertaking that has just this moment defined why I lift weights today or started to in '49: I don't want to be ordinary... Ring a bell?

Not that being ordinary is a possibility for any of us.

What Protein

The formula is complete, ready for tasting and final dialing in, as we perfect its balances to suit us and a small band of bright collaborators. To refresh your memory and mine, we're aiming for a highly assimible protein supplement of whey, calcium cassienate and colostrum blended with a generous yet thoughtful supply of Bs, C, E, A, minerals, enzymes, EFAs, BCAAs, anti-oxidants and immune system fortifiers. No stax of specialty stuff. Just the facts, Ma'am. We're very close.

The Bomber Blend for you, the bombers, flying the skies where the atmosphere and stratosphere collide. The big bang effect. Laree and I are working on the label. Stay tuned.

What Trip

As you read this newsletter, allow me to pause and say thanks. If it were not for you I'd have nobody for whom to write. My shrink sez as long as I believe there's someone listening to me I won't have to sleep in the basement behind the furnace wearing sack cloth and eating tuna from a can... much longer. He's a positive thinker, brother Mike is.

Continuing on, Laree and I will be in Columbus, Ohio for the Big Shoe. There we will join forces with some 10 other notorious IOLers to absorb the copious energy and dispose of some of our own. I visualize the visit to the EXPO to be like jumping into a mosh pit of mildly frenzied consumers of Tribulus, L-glutamine, andro, effervescent creatine, Ripped Force, HMB and DHEA. Half-muscular, Spin-crazed, thermogenically red-eyed Cybexers and Hammer heads pulsing to some frighteningly familiar rap-rock cacophony and jungle noises. Me first, or I'll bite... Oh my, Ivan just got swallowed...

I suspect someone will try to give me a lifetime achievement award for something. This I will refuse saying I will be back in 25 years and will pick it up then. If they have, however, a junior achiever award handy for whatever reason, I will humbly accept it at this time. Thanks, Joe, Mike, Ed, Zabo, Claudia, Thunder for the Honor. I love ya, man. DD

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