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Draper hamstrings

My ageless and timeless friends, you who live life today confident that our sterling efforts will produce a sweeter, more abundant tomorrow, lend me your ears. Give me field to wander and sniff about like a hound dog with no particular appetite but to rouse a critter or two worthy of pursuit.

Last week my body ached from joint to joint and following my usual strategy I continued to train in an attempt to coax my way past the pulsing pains. The signals grew louder and clearer, and I realized I had once again propelled myself into the abominable gulch of overtraining. An increase of bodyweight this season increased my energy and power most agreeably giving momentum to my workouts. I charged ahead leaping over the training edge finding myself aloft like the oft' fooled Wile E. Coyote only to stop mid-air and drop in an instant. There is nothing to do once you crash but to rest, lick your wounds and silently crawl out of the steepness. Thomas Paine, an original Mr. America once said, "These are the times that try men's souls."

Working in a gym has one particular drawback; you are there and you feel compelled to work out whether you need to, want to or not. You wish you had the problem, I know, I know. I had to busily involve myself in construction projects to hold in check the need for fulfillment that training provides. I hung a couple of spiff TVs in the health bar area, built a much-needed storage room and remodeled an office. I had to work or whither. Work for me is therapeutic and as I completed the projects I also reviewed my training options. And remember, it isn't like there's a long list of reliable, inspiring resources out there for me to draw upon. I mean, whom do I call: Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Jack, my mom? Besides, I want to do this on my own. Call me obstinate.

Let's go over my plan. This week Laree is going to introduce me to the spin bike (proper adjustments, body positions and training techniques-no classes) and I will incorporate this tool into my weight training to give me the vigor et al it provides. How about big-time change of pace and some space in my lifting days to give my elbows and shoulders a fighting chance? I intend to combine this regimen with some single set, lower rep lifting, relatively heavier poundage and the change of focus and concentration this sort of approach needs. A mixed bag of super-sets and giant-sets will act as mortar to the bricks. Still, you can bet everything will be pounded twice a week, I'll just not be applying the nifty ball peen hammer in this phase of development. The small sledge will do.

The food intake remains the same. That's an absolute. I'm in the 4500 calorie range with lotsa red meat protein, salads and greens, eggs and milk products. This reminds me... two big-timers you might want to know: first, the amazing, long awaited Bomber Protein Blend is completed and ready for tasting and packaging (more on this major breakthrough forthcoming). Second, my recent blood tests show my cholesterol is in the mid-150's and my HDL-LDL ratio is 2.5. Same menu for the past 35 years, more or less. (I'm a million laughs.)

Saturday, the first day of training after bare minimum wound licking (six days), I performed deadlifts according to plan to produce some fireworks and mass muscle response. I pulled 450 pounds to full upright and held position for a two count. The weight came up nice with spring at the top to indicate some healthy acceleration. Hope I can finesse this to 505 as I did a year ago, no straps. No big deal but made me smile.

My friends, there are fewer undertakings more difficult for us than to identify our pride, our ego, and determine when it is healthy and when it is ailing. It needs to be carefully assessed by itself and by an unbiased self or we are deceived. Don't you agree that none of us should boast yet stand tall in humility? The participants of Irononline, the site and the discussion group, are a remarkably rare and homogenous community amongst whom love flourishes and deception flounders. We continually, consistently grow from shared mistakes, misperceptions, misunderstandings, anger, grumbling and self-pity. We settle matters through emerging wisdom, intelligence and understanding. Man, if this isn't large size boasting, what is it? Perhaps, it's a fact.

We mighty Bombers are getting smarter and getting stronger. (More humility, hmmm?) Last week's newsletter caused a stir when I reluctantly undertook the touchy subject of aging. I prefer to deal with the steel day by day, allowing 'time' to follow me rather than dragging me along by a nose-ring. I'm not going to pretend I'm not getting older with all its fair compromises and wonderful promises. I find at fifty-eight that I best treat the matter with self-mockery and humor. It's part of my ongoing preparation for the age-old old age dilemma. I may not win but I shall not lose.

Does anyone really think I'm not trying, hoping and expecting to do more in the gym every day? Are we Bombers or are we dirigibles? You find a negative bone in my body you can yank it out with a pair of 'el cheapo' vise-grips. Not a peep out of me. I'm curious to see how it goes over the next years, from now till forever. I intend to do everything in my power by the Grace of God to see that it goes very well. I've got tricks to keep the training alive I haven't even invented yet, troops. No worries.

Remember. Old Bombers never die: they just bomb away.


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