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It is sometimes confusing writing to a global audience and in the present passing of time, the now. One begins to believe that he or she is the center of things and all conditions revolve around him or her: the weather, seasons, holidays, geography, culture, attitude, economy and other sorts of abstracts that define one's situation. It's summer in Australia and Arkansas is a block of ice. The sun cast its last shadow long ago in London, yet a new fiery ray streaks across the endless eastward horizons of Hawaii. The city of Moscow does not know New York City nor does the Strip in Las Vegas really understand the Gaza Strip in the Middle East — differing times, places and circumstances.

You see, I want to talk about the lengthening of days and the on coming spring as if it were around the corner. The year has come and gone like a bandit and we have a foothold on the wintry New Year. California is a warm jewel of opals of azure blue sky, emeralds of deep green forest and sparkling diamond beaches set in brilliant golden sun. Things only get better from here on, right? My dilemma is obvious: they're shoveling snow in Maryland and without electricity in Tulsa. No doubt Indonesia is facing monsoons, radioactive fallout or some other weird thing. I will, as I often do, ignore the predicaments and inconsistencies which distantly surround me and they will go away — courage and direct action before adversity, Bombers.

December did not take its toll on the members of our World Gyms in central Cal. They hung in with diligence, responsibility and good humor. The weather has been kind and hope shines with the sun and aspiration rises with the temperature. We glow. Take away the sun, dump some rain and turn off the heat and we become animals. So far, at 01/02/01, we stand upright and strong. The missing in action will be accounted for by mid-January when all the holiday debris has settled and the training itch is overwhelming. The diets, the revived and revised routines, the tenor, the good old company and the good old feeling, the goals, the hopes, doubts, guilt, struggle and determination; it'll all be there as if fuel for a jubilant barn fire. It is a celebration of redemption and renewal, a gathering of discipline, goodness and inner beauty to launch and ferry us to a better place as a better people. Yeah, right... gimme eighteen-inch arms, chiseled abs and four plates on the bench. See ya later.

Get this. I know I don't spend a lot of chatter on the merits of aerobic exercise. I play aerobics down, in fact, to compensate for the high-ranking they've been awarded by the stumbling new wave get-fit frantics in innocent conspiracy with the slick exercise-toy-making industry (ten thousand dollar treadmills to run nowhere and break down... excuse me). However, I've been considering the addition of the Spin bike to my workouts for twenty-minute interval runs 3 to 4 days a week to observe their effects on my musculature and energy level. I was a consistent stationary biker until I applied myself to the all-consuming task of rebuilding our Scotts Valley Gym four years ago. I put the chore aside without regrets. Adios, amigo. Today, I'm curious. What changes will they bear on me and do I have the wretched discipline?

My palms are sweating and I'm reluctant to hand this silly commentary over to Laree. She will laugh mercilessly and taunt me. The Spin bike? The tough part will be wearing a paper bag over my head as I foolishly pedal. No one must recognize me. I'll hand over my report in the latter days of winter. Perhaps by then we will have forgotten? It will have gone away?

Soaring to unknown destinations, flying with the best... DD The Bomber

Sow today, reap today, tomorrow and, well, forever... DD The Farmer

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