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Solid, bold and mighty, we endured the September metamorphosis and the first falling leaves of Autumn. We're tough. We don't plan to merely "endure" the next six month as if they were a wasteland or moonscape. Time is precious, time is growth and this, the prime time, the long, unhurried season to fortify our foundations and build a mightier, more muscular and sinuous structure. We're going to blaze our way day by day into 2000 with spirit and adventure, daring and faith. We will examine "what we do" carefully. Yet, never so carefully that seeing "who we are" is lost. We can do this. Take note: don't misplace spontaneity, instinct, creativity and intuition, the four aces in our hand, the fine tools we need to master by allowing them to master us. Trust them.

Some of you are first time visitors at Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Make yourselves at home. Others are regular newsletter recipients and site visitors. Hi, pleased to e-talk with you once again. Finally, some of you are the eyes and ears and voice of the IronOnline discussion group. Let's have a hearty handshake and a big hug.

Iron Online is a most interesting place: a comfortable, entertaining, informative, provocative, encouraging setting populated by "us" - an ever-growing collection of muscle builders, physical culturists and nutrition conscious bodybuilding faithful. We are young and old, male and female, some masterful, some without a clue, all working together with a common direction - forward.

Here's a recent post that defines a challenge to energize and magnify our Winter training. Together we plan to do this with fresh ideas and design, support and accountability, talking and listening and feedback. An unlimited guarantee to march us right through Christmas, the big New Year and on towards Spring.


Laree writes, October 2:

"Dave's been writing about widening our horizons - we've had a few debates among us - and a bunch of us have noticed a seasonal dip in enthusiasm. It was mentioned last week that he's up for a new challenge.... how about with a twist? Here it is, the IronOnline Seasonal Challenge:

Your Commitment: One workout a week - the rest of the workouts continue with your regular plan

October: Leg workouts - starts this week, so we need to get rolling:

Two options: MASS BLAST or FIT & LEAN

We'll have guest coaches write up their favorite or most unusual workout (this month it'll be leg workouts), and we'll have two workouts, two coaches per week, one a mass builder, one a lean routine. The trick is, unless you can't safely do an exercise or there's absolutely no way you can make your available equipment do the job, you HAVE to do every element of the workout. Meaning that if the workout calls for low reps and 4 minute rest periods or supersets with zero rest, that's what you have to do whether it's your preference or not. Fun? Maybe. Effective? Well, hopefully! Different, absolutely! This'll be a great way to get some different workouts in our repertoire and a great opportunity to force ourselves to try something new." ....


Good idea to have a routine a week to get us thru the weather-challenged and daylight impaired season ahead. These workouts (WOs) can be applied and assessed, considered and nixed, listed and categorized - added to our training repertoire for future exploration. Like a generous lump of artist's clay to be molded by our collective and formative hands. The practice can more than sufficiently pull us thorough the fluctuating holiday months. The variety of energetically presented routines can broaden our field of play, uproot us from convention, reveal alternative systems, provoke and stimulate the whole - body, mind and spirit. And all of it done in a rational and disciplined environment. Sheesh. We're so smart. Who knows? Any one of us may find any one routine a winner and take it for a long term commitment. The true way to go.

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